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Do You Need Gimbal for Vlogging?


Gimbal is a modern camera stabilizer available in the market today. The purpose is to stabilize, to make the video footage as smooth as possible when filming on the go. What I don't like about gimbal is the noise, yes there is a mechanical noise that is being captured by the camera.

Zhiyun Crane M

Gimbal is basically a device to make a video footages smooth. It is a stabilizer. This Gimbal can be used with a smartphone camera, Mirrorless Camera, GoPro and Other Action Camera.

I have GoPro Hero 5 and Canon M50 when I bought the Zhiyon Crane M hoping to make a very smooth video vlog on my daily bike vlog. I was just using it for a few days until I get tired of it being big and requires cautiousness to use. Then I decided to buy a smaller one, the Feiyu G6.
Zhiyun Crane M
Check the price here.

Feiyu G6 for GoPro

I bought this Feiyu G6 for my GoPro Hero 5. It is absolutely making video footage really smooth, it is Amazing. Check the price here.

But as Vlogger on the move, I realized that a Gimbal is not for me. First of all a gimbal create this mechanical noise that is being captured by the camera and is not good for the vlog. A gimbal requires a battery. Gimbal requires cautiousness to use. 

New gimbals today probably eliminate the problems and you might consider checking it.
There are many gimbals available in the market, they have amazing features that make the camera and the gimbal works as one.


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