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My Emirates Airline Business Class Experience Dubai to Sydney.

I needed to Go To Dubai
I have been waiting for the opportunity to go to Dubai but the cost of flying from Sydney is really costly. The regular fare cost around A$2000 return ticket on an Economy.
But recently Emirates Airlines had this promotion which is just around A$1160 economy return ticket at I was about to booked but decided to dig more hoping to really get the bargain. I succeed I found the cheapest one at  for just A$974.58 Return Flight Dubai, Sydney.
Photo by pranjal srivastava from Pexels

When looking for the cheapest flight, I am using because it is going to show you the price from the cheapest to the most expensive one. Once you found the cheapest one,  go to that website and hang on in there. Then look for the possible more cheap option using another web browser, it can be a safari, google chrome, firefox, a safari in private window mode, google chrome in the incognito mode, etc. then book the cheapest one. I learned these tricks during my five months of travel in 2015.

Choose your Seat.
Right after the confirmation I immediately choose the seat on the website of emirates airline, I need to pay 30 dollars for my chosen set. You don't need to choose you don't need to pay.

Business Class Offer.
The day before my flight I checked in online and there is an offer to me of A$1500 business class flight to Dubai. I didn't take it because I believed A$1500 is still expensive.

Fourteen Hours Flight
It was fourteen hours of flight and I was on my chosen windows side seat and I hate it, the seat was comfortable but being on the side needed me to always worry and disturbed the couple next to me. It was not a good 14 hours flight.

Rebooking Fee.
I decided to rebook my flight making it 3 days earlier than my original schedule of coming back to Sydney. I paid A$250 rebooking fee.

Upgrading to Business Class.
I was trying to upgrade on the website but I think it was late already that the feature is not available anymore. Then when I got to the airport I asked the ticket seller and told me to just tell it to the cabin crew. On the boarding, I asked the lady if there is an available upgrade and she asked me if it is a free upgrade. I said yes if there is but then there is none.
On the plane, I asked the crew for an upgrade and she told me it will be 7346.00 Dirhams, then I paid 7346.00 Dirhams.

The Business Class Experience.
It was amazing. Comfortable reclining seat/bed. unlimited food and drinks, freedom to move, hang in the bar and socialize with people, I didn't do that as I am shy. I probably do it again.

That was a last-minute upgrade, the last-minute upgrade is not advisable as most of the time it is coming very costly.
I believe there are tricks/ways to get business class or even a first class upgrade. Just Google it.

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