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GoPro as Vlogging Camera

My GoPro Hero 8 Lens is now broken but it still working very well with clear and crisp video quality.
I basically put a screen protector on the lens and on the back and front LCD because without the protection it will be prone to breakage and scratch. One day I fell off my bike and the GoPro lens hits the ground and it got scratches. I was happy when I fell off the screen protector because it was just the first layer of the lens that is broken.

This Vlog is recorded with GoPro Hero 8 with broken lens.

GoPro Hero 8

It has the most advance software features of all the action cameras available today.
it is a little bigger than GoPro Hero 7 black.
Custom Presets/Setting Preset -
It doesn't have Protective Housing Case
The glass/lens is not replaceable
Check the price here.

GoPro Hero 7 Black.
I am very satisfied with this camera because it captures crisp and clear video. Very smooth video quality even if you are running.
DIY Fixed my GoPro Shutter
I just needed to upgrade to GoPro Hero 8 because the shutter button is already tear/broken due to excessive use for my daily filming
I fixed it now and still working very well. Check the price here.

Canon M50.
It has 4k video capability
It is smaller than most DSLR
It works like a DSLR
it has a flip monitor
Just to have an alternative camera, Because the GoPro has no zooming capability and Canon G7X doesn't have a microphone jack input that is why I decided to have the Canon M50.

GoPro Hero 5 Black

This camera is already good when it comes to video quality but it doesn't have the HyperSmooth and other features of Hero 7 and Hero 8.
Check the price here.

GoPro Hero 4 Session

This my very first GoPro camera. It is very compact with good video quality. I have been using it for around two years until I got the GoPro Hero 5. I bought it in 2016 and until now 2020 it is still working.
What I don't like about is the limited features, it doesn't have a linear mode making all the videos/footages always wide.
Check the price here.

This are some of my previous camera before switching to GoPro.
Nokia N73.  I was in the Philippines
Canon FS11 I was new in Dubai
SJ4000 I was in Dubai and I can't afford GoPro.

Therefore I conclude,
GoPro Hero 5 and GoPro Hero 6 are almost the same.
GoPro Hero 7 Black and GoPro Hero 8 both with effective stabilization, but GoPro Hero 8 has more advance software features.
That GoPro Hero 5 to GoPro Hero 8 requires GoPro Audio Adaptor to be able to connect to an external microphone.


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