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Quit the job to travel the world, and it was the best decision ever.

Easy to travel the world

It's easy for an ordinary employee in Dubai, or in the UAE to travel the world basta may sapat na pang tustos dito. Processing of documents are quite easy and fast compare sa mga requirements at processing sa Pilipinas. Para sa mga Pilipino madali lang mag travel sa ilang bansa sa Asia dahil hindi na natin kailangan na mag apply ng visa.

Faster Visa Processing

In one of our vacation we decided not to go to Philippines, instead we decided to go to Istanbul, Turkey. We need visa to go there so we apply one month before, we collect all the documents needed and gave it to the consulate. And just right after three days we got the approved tourist visa.

My buddy is frequently travelling to Italy because his family is living there. Travelling to Italy requires a Filipino to obtain a Schengen Visa prior to go to Schengen Country. Schengen Visa is a Tourist Visa that lets a person to travelled freely in a Schengen Country. Schengen Country are mostly countries in the European Union. (Italy, France, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Germany etc.) My buddy was approved for all the Schengen Visa application that he did. He went to Italy three times.

Basically if you are working in Dubai and you wants to go to a particular country or in a Schengen Country, You need to visit the websites of the embassy or consulates of that country. They have the procedures, the list of fees and list of requirements needed for the application.Basic requirements are the following:

1.Certificate of employment, This is a letter from your company having the details of your employment with them.

2.Booked Flight Ticket, If you can take the one that is possible to cancel is better.

3.Hotel Reservation. make sure you don't pay yet for all this reservation.

4.Bank Statement of account, Most of the company is now using a prepay, I am not sure if this is valid. but a personal bank account is the sure one.

5. Passport original and passport copy, They will paste or stamp here the Schengen Visa once approved.

6. Passport size photo

UAE Residence Visa Cancelled.

I have been in Dubai for almost 7 years, I had a nice life in Dubai. But it comes to a point that I don't like it there anymore. I plan to resign but I want to go to Europe first. I believed that If I go back to Philippines I will lost my big chances to experience Europe. So I plan everything really well. I make sure I can financially support my travel. I make sure that before resigning I should gather from my company all the requirements needed for the Schengen Visa application.

When I got my Schengen Visa approved, I plan things based on the validity of Schengen Visa and then I resign. I speak to our HR Department that I will not go to Philippines instead I will go to Europe. (The company normally provides flight ticket going to home country if you resign or your contract ends.) And yes they booked me a ticket going to Norway as what I told them.

In the airport I was a bit worried about our situation, having a cancelled UAE Visa going to Europe, but everything was fine, the officer ask me "you're going to Norway? Nice life ha." We had a stopover in Istanbul, I was questioned by the officer in the Istanbul airport because 1. My UAE visa is cancelled. 2. My Schengen visa was done by the Italian immigration and why my port of entry is Norway. 3. And is my first time to travel in Europe.

He explain that it will be easy if my port of entry is Italy because they are the one who process my visa, that Norway is quite strict about this matter.  He let me board to my flight.

So we reach Oslo International Airport. Immigration officer only question was "What brings you to Oslo"  I explain that Me and my buddy are here for few days trip and then we will go to Belgium and Netherlands. That finally I have booked flight ticket going to my country from Italy. I also showed my itinerary and all the printed ticket and booking of our travel. Then the immigration officer stamped and approved my entry.

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