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How to Travel Around Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

I already spend a lot of money during my long days Europe trip that is why I need to save and spend as thrifty as I can during my trip to Asia.

From the Airport

It was morning when I arrived at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. They have a nice looking airport and its quite busy. I didn't stay long in the airport I just observed a bit and check the internet for the possible scam I might encounter in the city. Thanks to the internet I've seen ways to avoid those scammers. The airport is far from the city and your option are:
  • KLIA Train. is a train service that will bring you to Kuala Lumpur Central Terminal. From Central Terminal there are MRT and Tram with several lines that you can use to go to your Hotel. Using the ticket machine is easy as the instruction is written in English, Malay and Chinese.
  • Metered Taxi, Taxis are always ready waiting for the passengers from the airport, as much as possible always ask to switch ON the meter to avoid excessive charges and inconvenience. Some of these guys do some kind of scams.

  • Airport Budget Taxi Coupon, I used this going to my Hotel. Basically, there is a counter in the KLIA  located in the exit of the departure area. From there you can buy a prepaid taxi Coupon. You just need to tell to the teller the address of your booked Hotel or house and they will compute and print the voucher then pay for it. Then go outside and look for that taxi and show to the driver the voucher and that is it.

  • Car lift.  I don't know if this exists in Kuala Lumpur but it's not a good idea to use it in any way.

  • The taxi brings me exactly in front of my guest house, The driver was using his mobile phone GPS during our trip and that's when I realized that google map works really well without a data plan, you just need to open the google map app then search the target location while you are in a wifi zone then you're good to go. The map will bring you to the right place. I didn't give a tip to the driver because he is not polite. He opens the windows of the car and starts to smoke. I don't mind, I'd rather sleep than speak to him.


    I booked the first guest house while I was in Europe When it comes to booking a Hotel always consider to book in a location that is near to your places of interest or at least in a place that is easily accessible.  It is going to gives you conveniences and savings. If you love going to the beach then book a hotel that is near or accessible to the beach.  Like for example, you are going to Phuket, for sure your main target is the beach then book a hotel near or walking distance to the beach. Most of the time taxi/tuk-tuk drivers are scammers especially for the tourist like us, avoid that. I stay in Kuala Lumpur for 20 days in different guesthouses. If I like the guest house I speak to the reception to extend my stay or sometimes I book it again depending on the price.  I stay in one guest house because it's cheap and nice-looking in the picture when I book it and is accessible but I regret it because it's dirty  and I am scared because it feels that I am their only guest for 6 days. I used booking and Agoda to book Serai Inn, Arenaa Star, Bullokcart Hostel and Trilogy Hotel. Anyway, if the description of the hotel in is different from the actual,  you can complain and ask for a refund if you want.. just be sure to be ready for any inconvenience.


    Most of these guest houses and hotels provide free breakfast, it is written on your booking. if you are new in the city McDonald's is the first option because they have the standard taste of their common food and the prices are almost similar to your home country. Most of the time I am eating in a local cheap restaurant for around 5 to 7 MYR a meal, I felt that more than 10 MYR is already expensive. For one day I spend more or less 30 MYR. I am not really a fan of Indonesian food, I am not into strong spices. Compare to Dubai food and hotel in Kuala Lumpur is almost 75% cheaper. 1 meal in Dubai is ranging from 15 to 25 AED in the food court.  The value of money has small difference as of this time it is 10.00AED = 11.41MYR


    One of the good thing in Kuala Lumpur is the GOKL, GOKL is a free bus service than goes around the city, That is where I ride on my city trip, it is having several lines to cover most part of Kuala Lumpur. GOKL is free for all, for locals and tourists. You can ride in a designated loading and unloading area located in the convenient location of the city. They also have buses, MRT Train and Tram. For one ride it cost ranging from 1MYR to 3MYR. I never tried the taxi.

    Parks, Attractions and Malls

    Kuala Lumpur has a lot of nice Air-conditioned shopping mall and this is usually my destination just to eat in their affordable food court.   Perdana Botanical Garden is one of the place that is a must to visit, its big and a lot of things to see, there are monkeys roaming around, and squirrels too. Within the area, there are some museums and attractions that require an entrance fee and are expensive especially for the tourist. The prices of the attractions in Kuala Lumpur are different for the tourist and for the locals, the same as Thailand. There are so many places of interest to visit in Kuala Lumpur. I don't go if I need to pay the entrance fee.

    What to wear

    Like other tropical countries in Asia, Malaysia is hot and a bit humid city so expect that you'll be sweating if you stay outside, the temperature is around 20ºc to 30ºc in the daytime. The best time to walk outside is in the morning up to 9 am and in the afternoon from 5pm up to the night as the temperature is just right. Compare to Dubai during the summer. Dubai is very very hot and humid both day and night, but during winter Dubai is amazing. Remember that there are some guest houses and establishments that are not air-conditioned and having just electric fans. A jacket and sweater is okay to wear inside the mall but wearing it outside will make you sweat and will be uncomfortable. I see a lot of European people wearing just a tank top and shorts or summer trousers and a flip plop while walking around. Bring what you need depending on the purpose of your trip.  Remember that rain is also common in Kuala Lumpur so be ready also.

    What I bought in Kuala Lumpur

    One month before leaving Dubai I broke my slipper and decided not to buy because it is expensive. While traveling in Europe I realized that I don't need slipper because shoes are a must while walking around the city as it is cold. When I am in Kuala Lumpur the only thing that I bought there are slipper and hand sanitizer and both of those are cheap. When I left Dubai I brought with me my personal care, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, shampoo, deodorant, nail cutter, shaver, cotton buds and for sure there are more if you're a woman. All these things are sure we need during our travel so bring it with you. We are sure that we need to pay for our hotel, food, and transportation and maybe laundry at least we save time and money for having our toiletries with us. Anyway, those are not heavy. It is most of the time finding a place to buy something take a lot of time.

    Travel Insurance

    I bought my travel Insurance from DNATA, it is one of the requirements when you are traveling especially in Europe. This is very important as it keeps you worry-free about money in case of any untoward incident. A travel insurance company does not cover pre-existing conditions.

    Kuala Lumpur

    Kuala Lumpur is a diverse city, the locals are Malay, Indian and Chinese looking people. There are some European ex-pats. They are using Malay or Bahasa, Hindi or Tamil, Chinese and English languages in most of the signboards and instructions. Almost everyone speaks English. Malaysia is a Muslim country but there are Churches and Cathedral, Temple and of course Mosque.

    Extra care

    We need to be careful while we are traveling. The weather, the food, the water, the cleanliness, and everything are not the same in our home. We don't want to be sick while traveling. Check if the local water is drinkable or can be used for brushing teeth. Drink a lot of water in the daytime, wash your hand and use sanitizer before eating. Be careful from bad people.

    Leaving Kuala Lumpur

    I left Kuala Lumpur going to Singapore using an Inter-City Train. It cost only 39 MYR for 10 hours trip on a night train with a double-decker bed. Compare to airplane that takes only around 4 hours including the waiting time in the airport.

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