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Whole Day Walking Around Rome to Vatican.

Arriving in Rome

From Milan I took a Train going to Rome Tibortini Central Station, Its a walking distance going to my hostel Rome Scout Center. The guy in the shop helps me with his google map to locate the location of the hostel. I stay in a room with 4 bed and I meet there one guy from Sardinia Italy a backpacker, and two guys from Spain one is a backpacker and one is there for work.

I booked the hostel from and that was the cheapest based on my standard. The hostel is very clean and I would say this is the best hostel I've stay in Europe. They have facilities like a common room, restaurant, meeting room, etc. on y first day I saw a lot of students staying there for a night, and on the next day I saw people having a seminar on their function room.

Roaming around the city

It was still early so I walk nearby my guest house, there are restaurants around the place and noticeable people stay up late. I saw some small grocery staff with Bangladeshi. I will not forget I saw a lot of Condom Vendo Machine.                 The next day my plan is just to walk around the city but it is quite not easy as most people doesn't speak English. I ask several people until I found a lady who can speak English. Learning how to use the Train System is a must to learn. Like Milan, they have several train lines that will bring you to a different location. If you are a tourist it maybe takes a while before you learn how to get the ticket but it will be easy because there is an English translation on the machine how to get the ticket.

The Colosseum Station was my first stop and I think this is the busiest station because when you get out of the station you will see already the very popular Colosseum. There's a lot of people walking and looking around. They have a charging station and water refilling station which is nice as it gives convenience to the tourist. There is an entrance fee if you want to get inside the Colosseum and for sure it's a good experience, otherwise, you just walk around because there is so much more to see within the area. I didn't go inside instead I just walk around and see those old structures and things from the old civilization. The place is very big and along the road, you will see the Forum, The Spanish Steps and there is also a different museum within the area but like always there is a fee.

These buildings with very narrow roads that I see in the movie? I found it just a few distances from the Spanish Steps. You're not going to see it if you follow the big buses road. The place is hidden within the shops and restaurant, Try to find it because the feeling is different when you get there. The place is also commercialized with restaurants and shops but the outside appearance is preserved from its originality.

I keep on walking and I see the high street where signature branded shops and restaurants are located. Just by walking and you will see the sign to see the other places of interest like The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Piazza del Popolo and so much more. I actually get to see those things without having a map and not knowing the name of the Place. Most of this place is located between Colosseo and Piazza del Popolo, which is long and wide but full of excitement if you just walk.

At the end of Piazza del Popolo, most of the buildings are the normal building and houses and still a lot of shops and restaurant, I keep on walking and when I get tired I stop in one bus stop. I met there a Filipina, we speak a bit and finally, she told me that the Vatican is near and can be reached by just walking. She even advises me to just walk because along the way I will see a lot of things. " so if you are lost in Italy and you see a Filipino try to ask him or her the locations or any Infos, because Filipinos speak English and most of these Filipinos lives and work in Italy. most Italians don't speak English.

I reach the Vatican and it was amazing. The feeling is awesome. There is one incident of pickpocketing from a Japanese couple but the good thing is the Police catch the guy and recover the wallet of the Japanese couple.

I was walking for the whole day and exploring the city, it was dark when I get back to the Colosseo Station and took trains going back to Tibortini Central station and walk to my hostel.

The following days I used the trains several times to go and eat in ordinary places.

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