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Making Money Online.

Making Money Online for Free

During this world health crisis, lucky are the people who are working online, most of them are not really affected by the lockdown.

These are some of the websites and ways I am sure people can possibly make good money if they start to do it.

Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply sharing an affiliate link to your audiences, friends, or to whoever to come across your affiliate link via your social media account like Facebook, Instagram, your blog site, etc.  Once the people buy the product through your affiliate link, you'll get commissions.  You don't need to be a degree holder to do this, all you need to do is be able to be creative to make the people click and buy through your link.  Some affiliate partner is able to earn more than 50 percent of the product or service they are linking.

For you to become an Affiliate Marketer, you will need to apply to any website that you see with an "Affiliate, or Affiliate Program" on the bottom or menu of their website like Tube Buddy . Approval is very easy. Once you are approved, you'll be able to see your affiliate partner dashboard showing how many clicks, how much you earned in a day, week, months, year. 

You'll be paid through your bank account, PayPal, or any way your affiliate program mentioned.  Amazon, commission junction, eBay, are some of the most popular websites with affiliate marketing programs. These websites created banners, short links, images, and even videos that you can use for your affiliate marketing technics. 

Tube Buddy


Heaps of YouTubers are making youtube as their main source of income, Most of them earn thousands of dollars every month just through YouTube advertising.
  • Youtube channel membership,  your member will make a recurring monthly payment in exchange for the perks you offer.
  • YouTube/Teespring Merchandise, You design the t-shirt, mug, etc, set the price and ready for sale and Teespring will do the shipping.
  • Advertising, You earn money for every youtube ad.
  • Super Chat, your fans pay you to get their messages highlighted in the chat stream. 
If you are not yet qualified for YouTube Monetization, you could possibly do these:
  • You can ask a company to sponsor your video by promoting their product or services. negotiate the price.
  • You can put product affiliate links from Lazada, Amazon, eBay, ClickBank, etc. Earn from 1% to 75% of the price of the product.
  • Only fan access video, you can set the price.
Tube Buddy  A YouTube Certified YouTube Growth Tools.
Background Band Music Royalty-Free Music Download.
Video Creatox Earn from YouTube without creating your own video.

Fiverr is a freelancing website. You basically need to post your skills or any special things that you can do and then people who like it will do business with you all through the Fiverr website. 

Individuals, small businesses usually hire a freelancer to do specific tasks, it could be watching a video review for a client channel, or create a google ad, or simply a client who needs advice. And of course, the other professional services that require mastery. 

Another way to make money:
  • Affiliate marketing - You need to be a Fiverr Affiliate Partner for you to have an affiliate link that you can share with people through a website/blog or social media. You earn a commission.
  • Another way to make money is simply by inviting your friends to join Fiverr.


Vindale is a research/survey website.  If you are qualified, Vindale will pay you from 25Cents to 50 Dollars depending on the length of the survey and the number of survey takers. You must be 18 years old and must be living in the UK, the US, and Australia.
  • You earn money from every survey you finished and you will be paid through Paypal. The survey can be accessed through the email coming from Vindale and or you can go straight to Vindale website.
Some of the surveys will not continue if you are not qualified, but you can choose another survey.
  • Another way to earn money is through referral. You refer your friend with your referral code and you will earn money.


Blogger is a Google platform for blogging. You can create a website/blogsite for free. absolutely free.  This website is hosted here in 
  • You make money on your blogsite/website through an affiliate link from your affiliate program (Lazada, Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, etc.) You basically choose the products you want to promote on your website and you will get a commission when someone buys the product through your link.
  • You make money through Google Adsense,  Google Adsense will place an ad on your blog/website base on the topic of the blog post. You earn a commission per click or per sale.
  • Ask a company to put an ad space on your blog/website. Negotiate the price.
Creating a blog site or website is super easy. Most of the website makers these days are simply using the click and drag & drop tools. 
If you want a professional/freelancer to create a website for you, you can see them in Fiverr.

I will keep on exploring the internet about making money online for free and I will keep on updating this page.


  1. Thank you kuya robbie. I was inspired by your videos in youtube and now i already started my page on blogger. Salamat po