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The lockdown life in Australia.

Australia is easing lockdown restrictions in the coming days according to the nightly news on the local television program.

First Quarter of March 2020 I was in Dubai for a seven days holiday. During this time China, Italy and Iran already got the worst Covid 19 situation. Because of that, I decided to go back to Australia three days earlier than my booked flight because I am feeling the possibility of closing international airports.

I was already in Australia planning my bikepacking trip to Tasmania when they announced the self-isolation requirement for everyone that is coming from the overseas starting on the 15th of March. This made me analyzed the situation and I decided not to go to Tasmania. I just stayed at home and never gone out for 14 days. I have enough food for fourteen days.

I never get bored during the fourteen days as I was busy with my videos, social media, and learning new pieces of knowledge from the internet.  In case you don't know I do live by myself.

I was able to get back to work and did some breakfast service all by myself as most of the staff are already stand down and we don't have many guests in the hotel. After the breakfast service, I cleaned all the walls of the kitchen, the hood of the pizza oven, and the floor. I planned to clean the ceiling but then the management decided to shut down the hotel because of the travel ban as the COVID 19 cases are soaring high. There have been many restrictions updates during these days in order to lessen or flatten the COVID 19 cases curve.

Restaurants are closed for dining, some are open for take-away orders, gatherings of more than two people are not allowed, social distancing is inforced, travel is not allowed, scheduled grocery shopping are some of the restrictions. Places and establishment that promotes gatherings of people are closed like gym, pubs, churches, and other non-essentials.

Some people are on stand down and some people totally lose their job as their company shutdown.  The Australian Government set some financial help for its citizens and permanent resident. Temporary visa holders like students, working holidaymaker, and skilled temporary visa holder was advice to go home if they cannot afford to stay in Australia.

Jobkeeper payment, jobseeker payment, and Superannuation are three of the option an unemployed person can have access to if they need money. Superannuation is the only option for the temporary visa holder if they desperately need money. Superannuation is intended to be a retirement fund but because of the current crisis, 10000 dollars can be withdrawn. Consequences are losing a big amount of money/benefits by the time a person reached his retirement day
Essentials jobs are in demand like those in healthcare service, grocery, etc. Some of the Pilots are now working in the street as a traffic controller, Cabin crew as grocery cashier, some people are on the farm doing farm jobs. Most people are just staying at home learning things on the internet.

People are encouraged to stay at home but are still allowed to go out to do some essentials. Staying in the house is not good in the mental health of people that is why outdoor walk, exercise with social distancing is allowed.

I go out once in a week or two taking the chances to do some grocery and biking around kind of my exercise and mind refresher. During this time outside it is noticeably people do walking around enjoying the weather and at the same time doing the social distancing.  Mask is not very common, noticeably almost no one wears a mask in the area.

It is now April 2020 and Australia restrictions are going easy in the coming days as the Coviod curve is flattening, and hopefully, things come back to normal very soon.


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