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Switching to MacBook Pro, Air in 2020

I used two windows laptops before switching to apple computer. It was the HP and Toshiba. The HP screen had a screen problem then I bought the 15' Toshiba which last for a long time then I sold it to a friend. 

I always wanted to have an apple computer because it is looking good, it looks elegant, it looks like a luxury, it looks like it is giving you pleasure when you are using it. but it is very expensive costing around two months of my salary when I was working in Dubai.
I got my first MacBook Pro from Giant's Supermarket. 4000AED it was a big sale. It doesn't disappoint me, the pleasure and luxurious feeling having it is real, and the most important thing is what MacBook Pro can do. It is amazing it can do many things that don't require you to buy or spend more money separately.

Apple Computer always comes ready with the Mac Operating System and Apps that are sure going to satisfy your multimedia, education, business, and life productivity.

iMovie - will let you edit video with basic editing tools and FX.
Garage Band - will let you create music audio.
Pages - will let you create a PDF or word documents.
and there are many more.
And aside from that, the most app that is installed in your windows computer has a version for Apple Computers.

My Mid 2012 MacBook Pro that I bought in 2014 is still good and working until now. In 2018 I changed its HDD to SSD and it is now working with the speed similar to the latest Macbook Computer these days. (2020)

My Macbook Pro 2019
I bought this Macbook Pro just because the software/hardware of my previous Macbook doesn't support the "Sidecar" feature. Sidecar feature lets you use your iPad as a second screen of your Macbook.
To be honest, I don't really use the sidecar feature this day, and because of that MacBook Pro Mid 2012 changing HDD to SSD is a good option.


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