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My eBike Experiences, Which one is best?

eBike will save you money in the long run. Petrol, car registration is usually costly.
I am living where public transportation is not conveniently available to someone like me who doesn't know how to drive a car. eBike or Electric Bike is the best option I have in this hilly part of New South Wales here in Australia.

My First Bike is not an eBike

I have no knowledge about the bike and just bought this one because of its price and looks. I bought this one from Kmart for just 109 dollars. This bike is really tiring, I always need to push it while walking every night that I am going home. Always sweating even in the winter.

Apollo Big Boy eBike

My first eBike is an Apollo Big Boy EBike. This one has a big tire which is really good because I can drive it in the sand, along the beach. I choose this eBike primarily because of its looks. It is beautiful.
This eBike has a rear hub motor, 7 gear speed shifter, three-speed mode, and a light button. This eBike is powered by Hailong 36V Battery. I charge the battery for around 6 hours and it lasts for
around 7 days on my 5 days of around 9km trip. Going back home is uphill that is why the electric bike is a must for me.

Sunmono Urban eBike

My second eBike Sunmono Urban eBike. This one has a thin tire 28x1.5'' wheel/tire. This is the fastest among the electric bike that I had. This also has the rear hub motor, a semi built-in 36V Samsung Battery. This eBike has a throttle, it means you can drive it without pedaling. Another good thing about this eBike is the USB socket on the LCD Display and on the Battery bracket which means you can charge your USB devices directly from the eBike battery or through the LCD.

Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 

I have this Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 for almost a year now and it has been to so many places in Australia. I used this eBike to travel from Port Stephen NSW all the way to Brisbane in Queensland which is around 900km. This is a mid-drive eBike, its motor is where the pedal is attached. The motor is Bosch Drive Active Plus and the Battery is Bosch Power Pack 400 250W. What I like about this bike is the built quality, it feels very tough. This eBike is not the fastest but this is the most powerful compares to the other eBike that I had.

You should try an electric bike. Mosts bike shop does let people have a go on their products and that includes the electric bike. I was able to try first my Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 in Brookvale, they just asked for my ID.

My favorite eBike is the BigBoy one because it is really comfortable when you are riding on it. There is less bumping going on because of the tire being fat.
The Fastest is the Sunmono one probably because of its skinny tire. 
The Cube Acid Hybrid One 400 is just felt so powerful and going uphill is super easy.

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