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Macbook Pro Mid 2012 still good in 2020

It is really worth to invest in buying a computer if you do not have one yet. The computer will give you the opportunity to LEARN, Be CREATIVE, and possibly MAKE MONEY ON THE INTERNET. 

I now have a Macbook Pro latest of 2019 model. I bought it simply because the Mac OS Catalina does not support the new Sidecar feature on Macbook Pro Mid 2012. Sidecar is MacOS Catalina built-in app that lets you use your iPad as a second monitor of your Mac computer.
I have my MacBook Pro Mid 2012 since 2014 and until now it is working very well and noticeably no big difference in speed compared to my MacPro Mid 2019. Oh, note that I change the HDD of my Macbook Pro Mid 2012 into SSD or Solid State Drive,  Yes I did change it by my self simply by following youtube video procedure.

Here are some of the videos that will prove that Macbook Pro Mid 2012 is still best to consider in 2020.

MacBook Pro Mid 2012 Running Catalina

Is the MacBook Pro Mid 2012 still the king in 2020?

One of the good thing about Macbook Pro Mid 2012 is it being able to replace its HDD to SSD, its 4gb memory to higher memory and make it as powerful as the latest models in the market. The latest models require to be taken to Apple or at least to a knowledgeable technician. 
MacBook Pro Mid 2012 are still available online and they are obviously cheaper than the latest models these days.  

This is when I change my MacBook Pro M1d 2012 500gb HDD to 512gb SSD.

I am not good at computer hardware/software but when it comes to MacBook Pro performance, I noticed that there is no so much difference, and my iMovie actually keeps on crashing on my MacBook Pro 2019 and is slower on my MacBook Pro Mid 2012.


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