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Why I don't get bored living alone.

I grew up with other kids around me, I have a group of friends in high school and in the neighborhood. I was always on the street with the other kids and just go home when I am hungry and or when my parents needed me in the house. Most of our parents know where to find us.

Things changed when I moved to Metro Manila to study in college. I became a shy, feeling to be a minority. I was heavily influenced by the television program that people in Manila are superior to people in the provinces. I became really really shy to the point that raising my hand on attendance roll call is a big deal to me having in my mind that all my classmates will look at me. I became a loner. 

I just became shy but I never lost interest in singing, dancing, etc., and I am always doing that whenever I am alone and when I think I don't disturb other people. 

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