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Best Corned Beef Preparation, Making Less more.

Canned corned beef is one of the usual food I had when I was young living with my parents in the Philippines. We always eat it with rice. 
Corned beef is ready to eat straight from the tin can and be stuffing on a sandwich or simply eat it with rice. But for me, we usually re-cook it to enhance the flavor and be more satisfying to eat with rice.
Another reason why people recooking it is to expand the quantity, to make it more, to make it enough for a big family. Most people are cooking it in two ways, and this time I made it in three different variants. This is my best Corned beef preparation.
  • Corned beef and potato.
  • Corned beef and potato soup.
  • Corned beef and potato fritter.
Tin can corned beef
Diced Potato

I have seen other recipe that are really new to my sight and has never tasted just like this one from All Recipe website.  

How is your best Corned beef preparation?

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