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Cheapest Flight Vietnam to Malaysia.

Coming from Vietnam we arrived in Penang Malaysia via the very first commercial flight of Air Asia Ho Chi Minh City To Penang Airport. It is good to know and to experience a fire truck throwing a massive amount of water to the airplane as Firs Flight Welcome procedure. All the passengers of that flight got a welcome gift from the airlines which basically are tourism flyers and little souvenirs. We got this flight as little as 25$ one way per person.

We stayed in Georgetown, Georgetown is a preserved quiet community, walking around you'll notice the houses and apartment are the same pattern as old houses in Singapore, Sydney and I think like other city occupied by the Brtish.

The Murals for me are the most attractive thing to see in Georgetown, every tourist that comes there takes a creative photo of themself with the murals.

The same as other parts of Singapore and Malaysia, Penang is also a very diverse community where locals are Indians, Malays, and Chinese looking people.

Penang Hill is another interesting place to visit in Penang. It is a mountainous park with an exciting train ride showcasing the Penang History and the view of Penang.  Looking at Penang Hill in the picture will make you think it is somewhere in Europe like those trains in Switzerland.

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