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Filipino Travel Vietnam

I and my buddy arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam via bus coming from Cambodia.  Getting into the immigration is easy as the conductor of the Bus collected all the passenger's passport for Vietnam's immigration check-in.

As we get closer to the city the first thing we notice is the volume of scooters/motorcycles on the road, aside from the bus where we are in, there are no other vehicles. If Amsterdam has the most bikes then Vietnam has the most Scooters.
I got a nice first impression of Ho Chi Minh City as it clean with a lot of parks within the city. Noticeably that this city is already like Bangkok with so many white tourists. Expect a lot of travel agency, food shop, bars and nightclub. I didn't notice any striptease show club.

The shopping area of Ho Chi Minh City is maybe smaller than those in the Philippines and Thailand but they also have those signature expensive international brands.

English is not a problem in the commercial/touristy area because most of the people speak English, but getting into the other places is a bit of problem to communicate.

In the parks, you'll notice young people, group of teenagers chatting with foreigners, and then one of my Vietnamese friends mention that that is their way of learning English.

Fast food chain like McDonald, KFC is not big in Vietnam, there are some but not like Philippines where Mac Donalds, KFC, Jollibee are in every corner. Oh! there are Jollibee in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Coffee, Bahn Mi, Pho are some of the original Vietnamese food and drinks that you should try when you visit Vietnam.

As a Filipino, we are allowed to stay in Vietnam for up to 21 days visa free, we consume those days staying in different hotels, the cheapest good hotel room that we can afford. We re using to book a hotel because it charges exactly as it is, no need to pay extra when you arrive at the hotel.

Filipino Drama TV program was big in Vietnam at that time. They dubbed the audio to Vietnamese.

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