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Macbook Pro Mid 2012 still good in 2020

It is really worth to invest in buying a computer if you do not have one yet. The computer will give you the opportunity to LEARN, Be CRE...

From Dubai to Australia for Work

Travel comes to an end. Welcome to Australia, start a new life here.

I left the Philippines on Feb 2008 to go to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to work as a cook. I left Dubai in October 2015 to travel around Europe and Southeast Asia.  Feb 2016 I arrived in Sydney without enough money to support the new life. But I survived.

Bad Accommodation in Australia 

When I arrived in Sydney I first stay in a $25/night backpacker guesthouse with 12 bed in the room.  I stay for 3 nights and then moved to apartment renting a shared room with four people paying $125/week. Note that i borrowed money from a Filipina lady from my sponsoring company.