My Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are keep on growing

My portfolio just reached A$4010.57, it all started with just A$487.65 Today is October 20, 2021, My first day at work after almost three mo...

From Dubai to Australia for Work

Travel comes to an end. Welcome to Australia, start a new life here.

I left the Philippines on Feb 2008 to go to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to work as a cook. I left Dubai in October 2015 to travel around Europe and Southeast Asia.  Feb 2016 I arrived in Sydney without enough money to support the new life. But I survived.

Bad Accommodation in Australia 

When I arrived in Sydney I first stay in a $25/night backpacker guesthouse with 12 bed in the room.  I stay for 3 nights and then moved to apartment renting a shared room with four people paying $125/week. Note that i borrowed money from a Filipina lady from my sponsoring company.

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