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Best Places to See in Sydney (videos)

Ending the Southeast Asian Travel

This is my second time in Kuala Lumpur and last before flying to Sydney. During these days I am already on a tight budgeting because I am already running out of money. This is already the 5th month of our travel since we left Dubai and travel to Europe and Southeast Asia.

Me and my buddy stayed  in a not nice hotel in the area of Chinatown,  feeling the dirty floor and walls, hot  room without air conditioned.

In this  period I recieved my visa approval in Australia. I was very happy because me and my buddy are waiting for this for almost 5 months. I plan my flight to Sydney, bought the Air Asia's cheapest ticket and it was good.  My buddy went to Singapore and stayed with his Long Distance Realationship  girlfriend while waiting for his Australian Visa. Around 10 days of my stay in Sydney my buddy's visa arrived.

I and my buddy are now both here in Australia and note that his girlfriend followed a year after as a girlfriend de facto visa approved in 2017.

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