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Rainy Day travel with my Filipinos

Inigo was the first to arrive in this place,  He was initially looking for Filipino friend but there was no one until he realized that the...

I don't know this feeling. I never had this before.

Some of my colleagues in Dubai regularly go to the pub to drink after work, I don't go because I don't like the feeling after drinking. I only go when it is a team outing where we go to the house of our colleague, or go to the pub or sometimes on the yacht.  I drink occasionally, I got drunk before and the feeling is not good having headaches, dizzy, and vomiting.  

Last night I join with some of my colleague and their friends on a bbq night. I drink one and a half bottles of beer and all was good.  I got home well and sleep. I wake up roughly 11pm and I was feeling dizzy, with blurry images of things and my mind was randomly thinking of things quick, unable to focus, and uneasy. No headaches or body pain, it was like a bad dream. 

I was not able to come to work because the feeling was still there until 6 o'clock in the morning when I am supposed to start my duty. I can't even focus and unable to dial the number at work, that's when I notice my phone ringing and I got a call from work.  I sleep again and feeling better when I woke up. 

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  1. Hi Rob you seem like a very nice guy. Be careful going to parties covid19 is not over yet. Always wear mask when in public. Stay safe and healthy. Agnes from USA