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Videos that can make our day...Good.

I love singing competition performances especially the auditions and this one of Jamie Archer really made my day.

This video was uploaded in 2009 but I have never seen it before, I see this face for the first time. The video called "auditions turns to a concert" was suggested in youtube. I opened it and seen Jamie Archer. I searched for the whole audition footages and this video comes out.  This guy is confident with the pure talent of a musician even before the audition.

He gets through the audition and got four yeses and based on the youtube recommendations he has more performance videos.

But before watching this video I was already captured by a sad hopeful facebook video of a man whose been in jail since his teenage years and is now trying his best to live a normal life. You'll see the regrets and the hardship he is getting through because of the wrong decision he made before.

This video made me cry because teenage years are really crucial on how is the person gonna be in the future, their decision making is highly influenced by the environment they're living with.

I am lazy to find that video again.

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