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Macbook Pro Mid 2012 still good in 2020

It is really worth to invest in buying a computer if you do not have one yet. The computer will give you the opportunity to LEARN, Be CRE...

Winter Life in Australian Bay (grocery and activities)

Australia has four seasons and it is exactly the opposite of the season in America, Asia, and Europe. Small parts of Australia do have snow but most parts are just having cold temperatures.

I am day off this time and we help Erickson, the new guy who just moved here in the bay. The apartment he got is not fully furnished that is why he is buying stuff from the neighborhood through Facebook. I am very lucky living in a fully furnished granny flat with very kind landlord. The only thing that I bought in my apartment is the TV because the one that the apartment has is not working very good.

Also in this video, I meet a family who is watching my videos even before they are in the Philipines. We tour Erickson around the bay area.

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