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It is really worth to invest in buying a computer if you do not have one yet. The computer will give you the opportunity to LEARN, Be CRE...

Something I envy doing, Bikepacking

eBike is my only means of transportation here in Australia, my daily means of transportation going to work, running errands, or when roaming around the area. Nelson bay is a beautiful beachy place with many hills and ascending roads. An ordinary bike will make you push hard to get to your next stop.

These days there are many local tourists, they are basically coming from the city probably from Newcastle or Sydney because the international traveller is not yet allowed to get into Australia. Some of these travellers do travel with their van or caravans or motorhomes as they call it in the US. There are also many bikepacker, bikepacker are the people who is travelling with their bike. I did the same before and I always wanna do it again.  I actually envy those bikepacker. Travelling with bike is cool way of just enjoying the nature.

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