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My $487.65 is now $1023.14 On December 14, 2017 I deposited $487.65 to Coinspot and bought this three cryptocurrency. I bought $100 of Bit...

Eating, KFC Australia.

I am not really a big fan of KFC when I was in the Philippines. I was always at Jollibee, Mc Donald's, and Chowking.  I usually have breakfast in Chowking, lunch in Jollibee, or dinner in Mc Donald.  I was living in a bed spacer apartment and never cooking my own food. All of my meals are bought from the restaurant, fast-food chain, or the local food shop. 

When I moved to Dubai that is when I start to appreciate the taste of KFC chicken and I maybe have KFC 1 time in  2 months. And now, here in Australia KFC and McDonald's are the options I have. McDonalds here doesn't have rice that is why I like the KFC more because I am not a fan of the burger.  In the Philippines, McDonald's has rice, chicken, and spaghetti meal.

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