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My portfolio just reached A$4010.57, it all started with just A$487.65 Today is October 20, 2021, My first day at work after almost three mo...

Rainy winter bike ride to work.

Rainy winter biking to work is always expected to come from time to time here in Australia particularly in New South Wales during the winter season. 
I ride my bike to work and it doesn't matter if it is raining or no. I always have my rain jacket and rain trouser packed in my daily backpack. I intentionally buy the large cheap waterproof jacket so that I can fit in with my backpack. My waterproof trouser is also a little longer so that it will totally cover my boots and water will not get inside my feet. Getting to work is a 10 to 15 minutes bike ride and is just right to get me there safe and dry.

Today I noticed that my bike has this squeaking sound coming from the disk brake. I suspect that the front brake pads are worn out already as I always use it more than the back one. I have this bike for more than a year now and never had any adjustments to the brakes and actually never cleaned it. 
I am still using my bike despite the squeaking. I am thinking of fixing it myself or bringing it into the bike shop. 

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