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Cheap complete full features video editor

I don't really like Filmora 9 Video Editor until I tried it and realized that it is the cheapest complete full features video editor in the market. I initially thought that Filmora 9 is just a copycat video editor that can't do good full video. 
I made some research, did some video editor comparison, and finally realized that Filmora 9 is actually one of the best video editors when it comes to its features and possibilities of creating unlimited video ideas. Filmora 9 has heaps of transition, titles, and other elements that will surely help to make beautiful videos. 

This vlog is the very first video that was edited using Filmora 9 Video Editor and it was easy because the basic ways of editing are similar to what I am used to, I was an iMovie video editor user.  iMovie is very easy to use but it is very basic that only does the basic. That is the reason why I got the Filmora 9 Video Editor, because it can do anything and because it is cheap with a complete and has full features video editor. 

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