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My portfolio just reached A$4010.57, it all started with just A$487.65 Today is October 20, 2021, My first day at work after almost three mo...

A good ride to Newcastle, Australia

Coming from Nelson Bay we drive for more than one hour to get to this place called Glenrock Reserve in Newcastle area. This place is hidden and you'll not notice that it has this beautiful setting area with the view of the ocean and the bush. The setting area is covered with fake bermudagrass that is good to set and just relax. There is a pathway to get down to the beach but make sure to bring some water because you'll get tired easily and be thirsty once coming back coming.

Make sure to bring your camera because the scenery is breathtaking. You'll see the ships from far away waiting for there stuff, you'll see giant waves that is good for surfing, you'll see people just walking around.

Going back home we went to pick up a boxing bag from an ad in the Facebook marketplace, it's free. We then eat in an Indian restaurant called Raj near Hamilton Train station in Newcastle. 

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