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List of Outdoor Vloggers in Australia

Australia has amazing nature, heaps of parks, beaches, and bushes to explore and they are properly taking care of by the authorities for the enjoyment and safety of the people. If you are not in Australia and you want to see how the outdoors really look like, then here is the list of outdoor vloggers in Australia. I included myself and will keep on updating the list. 

Most of Scotty's videos are solo camping adventures, his video doesn't have much talking or narration and you'll see him walking, cooking, and doing things that will make you understand the situation. So good. 

Abroadero Robbie is a Filipino expatriate in Australia, most of his videos are outside with his bike going to work, doing groceries, exploring the bush, and cooking. He traveled around Australia using his bike.
YBS Young Blood Brodie is a resigned electrician who is now vlogging full-time mostly fishing in the coastal area of Queensland. 
Nick Fry
 Nick is one of the kids of the duo TarraDarraBros, his videos are all about adventurous fishing in different methods.
FTG's Video Ethan's videos are mostly the train travel around Sydney and surrounding suburbs. You'll see him walking around showing beautiful spots around the greater Sydney.
Merrett Contracting Mark's videos are mostly about his family farm. They have a huge farm with heaps of sheep.
AdVANture ST His adventure is mostly bike packing around in mountainous areas of New South Wales, particularly Blue Mountains as he lives just around Sydney. 

There are many world-popular vloggers living in Australia like Chloe ThingLachlanHowToBasic, and so much more. Most of them are fashion, gaming music, random videos that are mostly indoors. Australia is a beautiful country, nature is just beautiful to see at least in the video that is why this list of outdoor vloggers in Australia are some of the interesting youtube vloggers or youtube channels to check out.


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