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Bike Camping Australia 2020

I did my month-long bikepacking last year, and I consider it to be one of the highlight of my life. It was an amazing experience that is why I did this bike camping Australia 2020. 

Coming from Nelson Bay I ride my bike for around four hours to reach Newcastle. It was a safe, relax, and easy ride because roads here in Australia do have bike lanes even in the highways. There are some harmless animals along the way but be careful with the magpies and some aggressive birds. 

Stockton is a suburb of Newcastle and is separated by the hunter river. To get to Newcastle CBD by car you need to take the Stockton bridge which is about 30 minutes drive and that is the only way to get there. There is a ferry that crosses the river and the good thing is you can load the bike in the ferry for free and will cost only the regular fare for less than 5 minutes ride. 

If you never been to Newcastle or been here a long time ago then you'll be surprised with the many changes within the city centre, especially in the coastal area. The tram is probably the highlight of the changes. The tram starts at the Newcastle Interchange and ends at the Newcastle Beach. Skyscrapers are on the rise at the Honeysuckle and from there you can walk along the beach walk all the way to Merewether Beach, you can ride the bike as well as I did. 

I went back to Stockton because that is the nearest place where there is a camping ground. I choose to stay in a camping ground because of the COVID 19, air circulation is safer outdoor. Because I am on an electric bike and needed to charges the battery I paid 44 dollars for a powered site. I have my tent easily build and was all good in the cold. Tent condensation is a normal thing, it can be reduced with some tricks and tactics but with 8 degrees centigrade I prefer. not to worry about it

It was all good until I feel the cold on my feet, that's when I realized that my socks are thin and can't really protect me in the cold. That pair of socks made me sleepless that night. 

I was able to see the beautiful sunrise at the Stockton breakwater, It was amazing. I noticed that there are many stray cats within the breakwater and they are all fat.  I leave the camping ground and head to the coffee shop and had a good cup of coffee while driving. I got home safe and sound in this bike camping and will do it again sometimes in the future. 

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