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My Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are keep on growing

My A$487.65 is now over A&3300  Today is 31 August 2021 and I wake to see my cryptocurrencies keep on growing.   Remember that in  2017 ...

Men are just lazy to shop underwear.

I don't know why I don't buy new underwear. I actually have two new sets of underwear and until now they are still new because I don't like wearing them because I am not comfortable wearing them probably because of the kind of materials they use. 

That broken underwear that I have was the very first underwear that I bought here in Australia. I don't have money at that time as I am new in Australia and I needed underwear that is why I bought that being the cheapest, the biggest in the children's sections. ha ha.

I believed that I am not the only one keeping and still wearing broken underwear. I believed many men are doing the same. 

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