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Fake Police Scam in Amsterdam, Be Careful.

Me and my friend went to Amsterdam, On our very first night of strolling the city we have been spotted by the Fake Amsterdam Police. They are wearing civilian and are in a group of 2 or three.

This is the scenario.

One guy Arabic/Indian looking guy asked us a direction going to a hotel, We said we don't know then he explain that he is a tourist and then he ask for a picture with my friend. While taking the picture the Fake Amsterdam Police arrives. He shows his Fake Police ID and then started to asked about our passport. First he asked the Arabic/Indian looking guy about his Dollar and he said he just have Euro and the Fake Amsterdam Police let the guy go. Then he started to asked about our Dollar and we said we don't have and we show to him that we have just Euro. Then another Fake Amsterdam Police Comes insisting to open our bag, looking for a Dollar and then later on asking for Drugs. He keeps on asking a Dollar and trying to take my Euro. I take it back and started to walk away.

Both of us are worried because his picture is in the iPhone of the Fake Tourist. We are walking fast and obviously we are trying to hide from this Fake Amsterdam Police. We are already on the other street but on our way I saw this Fake Amsterdam Police waving his hand to the fake Amsterdam Tourist, I pretend that I didn't see them when they look at me.

We decided to go to Amsterdam Police Station to report the incident but we didn't  found any, so we just speak to the police roaming in the Amsterdam Central Station. We told them what happened that we are worried about the picture. The real Police show his ID and a Police Badge, then we realised that the Fake Amsterdam Police doesn't have a badge.

We get home and and checked on the internet if there are the same incidents happened before. And yes there are lot's of the same incidents. And we learned more scams that are now going on in Amsterdam.

Common target of this Fake Police in Amsterdam are Asians because they think asians prefer to have Dollar instead of Euro.

Things like this is happening not only in Amsterdam. So be careful and be cautious.

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