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Belgium The Centre of European Union

Belgium is Amazing, Almost everything in here are like a Castle.

Feel Unsafe

We reach Belgium via Ryan Air from Oslo then we take bus going to Brussels. It was late night and very few people when we reach the Central Station. There are some people who I think are not locals and are insisting of offering something that makes my buddy a bit worried about the place.                                                                                                                                    We get out from the station and it was far different from what I've seen in Oslo. The environment feels not safe for us. We became aware of our surroundings and the people. Instead of going to our booked hotel we decided to check-in in any hotel. The first three hotels are full until we found one that is 50 euro for each of us because they have just 2 single small room.

We found a family

Tourism in Brussels is also huge, we are having breakfast together with more than 20 people in the cafeteria which I think are also a tourist from other european city.                                     After a few minutes the Filipino friend of our friend arrives to pick us up and guide to the city. But this guy is very good guy he go with us in our booked hotel and he decided to cancel the booking and instead he let us stay in his apartment together with his family. I am amazed and have great respect to Kuya Christopher, ate Ana and their kids CJ and Ian. Thank you very Much. Your family are amazing.


In our very first day with kuya Christopher he bring us to the city tourist spots and he teach us how to use the trains and the trams so the next days was easy for me and my buddy to roam around the city. There are some places in Brussels that needs to be careful and be aware. Basically it is the people that makes the place scary. But most of the places are amazing. Castles and churches everywhere, Parks are huge and green, Trees everywhere.                         Atomium is a must to visit, it is a building, a structure that shapes like a sets of atoms. Inside these atoms are restaurant, gallery and museum and a viewing deck. Nearby is theme park called Mini Europe and another one is a waterpark called Oceade. There is also a park that is almost like a forest.


Bruges or Brugge is another city in Belgium that we reach by a train from Brussels. The place is amazing with a lot of trees in the beginning and then all the houses and castles and churches have amazing structures and are looks just the one I see in the fairytale movies. The trees are started to fall and having different colour, The canals are beautifully design with some boats, and ducks and birds playing. There are parks and a lot of al fresco restaurant. In here we tried to eat the famous french fries and beef stew. In Brussels we ate the Belgian waffle.


We just get in to Antwerp because it is one of our connecting city going to Amsterdam. Antwerp is another amazing city with amazing castles and churches. The Antwerp Central Station is huge that is looks like a castle if you are outside. In Antwerp we found a Filipino flag and we checked and it is a Filipino and Vietnamese Shop. We also saw a lot of shops selling gold products and accessories in Antwerp.

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