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Dubai to Oslo with Cancelled Visa.

We ate in my previous restaurant before leaving Dubai, we say goodbye to our friends and we headed to the airport.

 I am a bit worried because my Dubai residence visa is canceled and I am going to Europe and not in my home country. But everything went well  and I made it to the airplane.

We have a connecting flight at Istanbul. Istanbul is not part of the EU and Schengen Visa is not applied. I was warned by the immigration security that my chances of getting inside Norway as my port of entry is 50/50 because my Schengen visa was processed by the Italian Embassy and according to him I should make Italy as my port of entry. I was a bit worried because according to him the Norway immigration police might cancel my visa and send me back to the Philippines. My courage brings me to Norway.

At Norway passport control the immigration asks me "what brings you to Norway" I told him that I and my friend are here for a tour and will be staying just for three days. (My friend is a frequent Europe traveler so immigration has no problem to him) then I show my hotel bookings, flight tickets and explain the full itinerary with the supporting documents. And then he let me in.

A Big Wow. Oslo Norway is Amazingly peaceful and clean. It may be expensive to live here but I would say that it's worth it. 

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