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Oslo Norway Modern City

I thought Dubai is the most modern city these days, and I was wrong when I went to Oslo. Oslo is more modern. It started at Oslo Airport where the design of the building is amazing. The Airport is connected via train all the way to the Oslo central station. Their train has a double-decker carriage, clean and with free wifi access.
Cashless form of purchasing even in Mc Donald's and in ordinary store, You don't even need to give your card to the cashier. No heavy traffic as most of people is walking. Trams, trains and buses arrive on time. Streets are the shopping mall.

People are disciplined, the city is organized, for sure good governance. I don't feel any discrimination.

The weather is amazing.

Filipino in Norway

Similar to Dubai, its train system is also powered by a prepaid travel card. You can travel using the card by public buses and trains going to their suburbs.
Bygdoy is one of the suburbs that we visit, in there we've seen a nude beach.

Norway is known for its cold weather, lucky that we went there with just a nice temperature and no snow.

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