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Amsterdam Freedom. My Favorite City in Europe

Most Bike Friendly City in Europe

Train-Bus-Train to Netherland

We reach Amsterdam via train travel from Brussels Belgium, We had three transfer started with Italo Train that stop in Antwerp, then we take a bus going to the Eindhoven Train Station and then we take another Train going to the Amsterdam Central Station and then we took Tram and get down to find our hostel.

Du Welcome Us

Upon reaching the Netherland  we received a text message from Du network (because we are still using our UAE sim card) welcoming us to Netherland. The first impression is nice, wide roads, greenery along the way and nice looking houses and buildings.

Huge Tourism

When we reach the Amsterdam Central Station theres a lot of people and is easy to understand that tourism is huge in Amsterdam. As an asian we are easy to recognise as a tourist but these european tourist are even asking us the direction. Here I understand that people in Europe are partially expecting that everyone have knowledge about the place.

Triple Decker Bed Hostel

We stay in a hostel, dormitory style with triple decker bed that can accommodate 14 people, and all bed are occupied. The hostel has a cafeteria/lounge, a terrace and toilet in the room. There is just one guy sleeping in the room when we reach the place. It's still early so we just drop our luggage and went outside to eat and roam around. 10pm when we get back, we switched On the lights and some guys started to move meaning we disturbed them. We quickly and quietly remove our shoes and go straight to bed. Some people are still coming and I understand and appreciate that these people still respect the others by carefully not making noise going to their bed. The room is mix with men and women mostly young traveler.

The City

The city is amazing. houses are nice, trees everywhere, parks are green and flowery, the canal and bridge with the plants and natural flower looks beautiful, a lot of castles around, museums everywhere, coffee shops, cafe and restaurant here and there. No heavy traffic as most people are having their bicycle. I am in-love with Amsterdam. It's absolutely beautiful for me.

The People

When I was in Dubai there are two ladies from Netherland working with us in the Hotel and they look different as one is blond and the other one is a asian looking and are both beautiful and attractive. And I saw a lot of like them in Netherland. People in general in Netherland are nice.

Freedom in Amsterdam

I think people in Amsterdam are happy. I felt that there is big freedom for the people to do anything that will make them happy. I know soft drugs are allowed in Netherland but I never notice it affecting the attitude of the user towards the other. I think these people knows their boundary.

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